Volunteer Awards

I hope by now that you have seen the very many social media posts of well-deserved recipients of Good Service Awards. There were also a bumper number of Long Service Awards and Wood Badge recipients. Please reach out and congratulate those you know.

  • 1st Lyndhurst – 2 Awards for Merit, a 5 year Length of Service award and 2 Wood badges.
  • 2nd Stanley’s Own Copythorne – A Bar to the Award for Merit, 4 Awards for Merit, 6 Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service, 9 Length of Service awards (including a 40 year, two 25 years and two 20 years) and a wood badge.
  • 3rd Ashurst and Colbury – An Award for Merit, Wood badge and 40 year Length of Service award.
  • 4th Eling Sea Scouts – 5 Awards for Merit, 8 Chief Scouts Commendation for Good Service, 9 Length of Service Awards (including a 20 year service award) and a Wood badge.
  • 5th Testwood – 3 Awards for Merit, 6 Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service, three 5 year Length of Service awards and 4 Wood badges.
  • 6th Netley Marsh – 3 Awards for Merit, a Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service, 2 Length of Service Awards (a 25 year and a 5 year service award) and a Wood badge.
  • District members – 3 Awards for Merit, 3 Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service, 7 Length of Service awards and 3 Wood badge recipients.

Well done and our sincere congratulations to all recipients. We were also very pleased to see 15 Wood Badges awarded, along with so many long service awards. Well done to all for those achievements.

This is not the end of it however. There are several leaders that are more than deserving of an award. However with some outstanding training we were not able to do this until this is sorted. County and HQs are very strict that mandatory ongoing learning is in date and that Wood Badges are not over the 3 years limit. Rest assured some more awards will be processed in the New Year. If anyone has any queries please ask Lynn.

Ian & Robin both want to say a big thank you to Lynn for all the time and effort she’s put in. She sorted all the awards, print the letters, address the envelopes and stand in the queue at the post office to make sure they were all posted safely. We know it took several hours, for which we are extremely grateful.

Overdue Adult Training

As previously communicated, there has been some very strict enforcement from HQ regarding mandatory training: Safety, Safeguarding, First Aid and GDPR. DCs are now required to ensure that this training is completed and impose Mutually Agreed Restrictions for leaders not completing the eLearning. 

In 2021 this will also apply to those with overdue Wood Badge validation. Leaders already know if this applies to them as they will have had emails from myself or Julie Mair. If you have had/or get a training reminder email, please do not ignore it, that is no longer an option and we will be forced to impose MARs and inevitably close roles.

If you require learning please keep checking back on the Hampshire Scouts website for Zoom course availability.

Lockdown Badges

Keith Greenaway, our District Treasurer and Badge Secretary, dropped us an email and said that since the lockdown started, he has sent out 1856 badges to the groups. How fantastic is that? You should all be very proud of that amazing achievement.

Compass – Check your details

Please ensure your contact details; address, telephone number and the email address to be used for ‘Scouting Enquiries’, is current on your Compass record. Please let me know if you need assistance with doing this.


Another big thank you to all the section leaders and assistants for all the extra time they have spent during these difficult times to deliver quality Scouting in the District. Also, to the GSL’s with their assistance in making sure all of their Groups are now fully compliant with the MOGL.

Best wishes & stay safe as we move into Tier 2 next week.

District eNews 27.11.20
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