You can hear them before you see them: Centenary band are our adult band in the New Forest.

Centenary band emblem

Stanley’s Own Centenary Band started in 2009 from former members of the Stanley’s Own Scout and Guide Band. Originally only to mark the 100th anniversary of the scout group in 2010 they never stopped!

A traditional drum and bugle band at heart, they’re a Scout Active Support group and help support scouts through their skills.

Spot the Centenary band at the numerous carnivals, fetes, fairs and events across our area. They’ve take part in remembrance services, lantern parades and fetes in the neighbouring towns. They are a fixture of the annual St. George’s day celebration in Lyndhurst and most carnivals nearby invite the band.

To find out more you can contact Richard Farmers or Clive Wingham via Stanley’s Own group.

Find them on Facebook or check out their site.