Become a thinker and a doer on your Scout journey and learn Skills for Life. Find out why you should join us.

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Scouts gain skills for life, have adventures throughout the year, make new friends and bring change to their community. And we count the adults in that too. No wonder that over half a million people are involved in Scouting in the UK today and over 40 million across the world. More join us each day with even more waiting.

This is only possible because of our lovely Volunteers who give up a little time to help young people gain skills for life. If you could help, check out our Volunteer page to get started.

What do Scouts do?

As a Scout you’ll take part in over 200 activities, from abseiling to zorbing that provide challenge and adventure in the outdoors. You’ll get a chance to try activities you’ve never done before and have fun while you’re doing them!

Scouts explore the outdoors, visit new places and take trips abroad. You’ll meet loads of new friends along the way who take part in the same things as you as well as some you would never have met otherwise. We make a difference in our community, be it local, national or international.

Scouts learn new skills every month: from cooking on a campfire to keeping yourself safe, sailing across a lake to gazing at the stars at night. Plus scouting helps you discover how to work as a team, to never give up, take the initiative and face your fears.

Take the leap today. Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with your local group.

Can’t see the video above? Click here.