Scouting is a movement – we move with the times. As a new district with amazing challenges and opportunities ahead, we need to have a plan to be prepared. You can find this right here.

Our plan is based on three core aims:

1. Adults feel supported

Scouts couldn’t happen without our amazing volunteers.

We want our leaders to be in the right roles, which are flexible to their needs and leaves them with a positive outlook on life. We want new volunteers to have a great welcome into Scouts, supported by the right training at the right time and feel informed about what is going on in the district.

2. Young people influence and experience high quality Scouting programmes

It’s the reason we’re here – to give our young people across the forest skills for life, learned through amazing experiences.

We want all sections to have an active, balanced programme where young people can earn the Top Awards and celebrate their success. We want every young person to experience the thrill of a night away from home and meeting up with Scouts across the district.

Plus we need to make sure our young people are always at the heart of decision making and have a meaningful say in the district.

3. Growth in young people and adults experiencing Scouting

We think the Scouts is amazing and makes a difference. Therefore we want more young people to benefit from it. To do that, we need more volunteers to realise our vision and realise what they’re missing!

It’s a big and ongoing job but we don’t want any missing sections in groups and maximise the sections we do have. We want our young people to move up the movement and volunteer when they turn 18 or at 14 as Young Leaders.

This is based on what is happening within the Scouts nationally as part of their Skills for Life strategy, in Hampshire and most important what our leaders said was most important.

They involve hard work by lots of people and won’t change overnight, but we love a challenge!