Scouting is all about giving something back to our community. 

That’s why you can often find some of our Explorer Scouts volunteering in the younger sections to do just that – give something back. They’re Young Leaders.

Young leader badge and mission stripes

Young Leaders work alongside the adult leaders to run activities, develop themselves as leaders and enhance their team work skills. From the beginnings of the movement in Squirrel Scouts, Beaver scouts, to the energetic Cub scouts or working in the Scout section itself, it is all down to choice.

Aged between 14 and 18 years of age, some may be doing it in addition to being an Explorer Scout. Some become a Young Leader to achieve one of the top awards, such as DofE.

Find out more on the pages below or by asking our Explorer Scout Leader (Young Leader), Angus Ross. The email you need is [email protected].


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Training and Support

There is a whole host of support for Young Leaders. You are our future after all! As well as the ...