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Our Data Protection, Confidentiality and Privacy Policy


New Forest Scout district is committed to compliance with UK Data Protection Act 2018 and best practice in how it meets its duties.  All personnel are required to adhere to the full policy.

New Forest Scout district is the data controller and works with the Scout Association and others to process data. We are an educational children’s charity that runs a programme of activities for the development of young people and supports other Scout groups doing the same.  Personal information of young people, adults, helpers and donors is processed.

The legal basis of this processing is for our legitimate interests, including administration of the Scout programme, governance, safety and safeguarding, employment reasons, fundraising and public relations.  We process data for legal reasons including maintaining safety and safeguarding records in compliance with the Scout Association’s Policy Organisation and Rules, employment purposes, and maintaining accounting records as required by authorities.  We process data by reason of data subjects’ consent including providing direct electronic communications, fundraising and statistical reporting about inclusion relating to ethnicity and disability.

Personal information is only used and shared internally and externally as required for the purposes of Scouting or as required by law.

Personal data is retained as required for the good administration of the New Forest Scout district and as required by law. Members’ data may not be completely erased from the Scout Association database for reasons of legitimate interest, including safeguarding.

Data subjects may make a subject access request by contacting the Data Protection Officer, emailing [email protected] will allow us to direct you to the correct person. Data Subjects have rights in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. The data protection officer is the District Chairperson.

The full Data Protection, Confidentiality and Privacy Policy is available on our website (see below).

How we use data.

New Forest Scout district and our people processes personal data using paper and electronic systems. It works with partner data processors including the Scout Association, Google, Microsoft, Online Scout Manager (OSM) and Dropbox for the district’s administration and that of our groups. We have determined that our partner organisation’s processing of data on our behalf is compliant with GDPR and Data Protection regulations as far as we can assess.


New Forest Scout district is an organisation with approximately 100 volunteer leaders with various levels of access to groups of Young Person’s and Adult’s information. All persons with access to personal data are required to maintain that personal data in confidence and not to share it outside a “need to know” basis. All persons with access to personal data are required to agree to a Confidentiality and Data Protection statement. 

Anyone accessing personal information is required to only use devices that are secure by being in their own homes or scouting premises else be protected by password and encrypted, and with system security and data back-up.

Safeguarding Partnership

New Forest Scout district is a member of the Scout Association and complies with its Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR). POR details our safeguarding processes, involving recruitment and safeguarding investigations. Personal information will be passed to the Scout Association for their processes in safer recruitment and safeguarding.  Information will be passed to the Police when there is a relevant concern.

Your Rights under Data Protection Regulations

Communication and Review of this Policy

This Policy will be reviewed periodically as any changes in regulations or best practice occur; this will be at least every 3 years.