Beaver Scouts are girls and boys aged between 6 and 8 years of age. 

Across the district they can be found making things, playing games, learning something new, looking at the world around them and making some long lasting friendships. It could be as random as singing one week to visiting someone who helps us the next week.

Beavers in our District.

Beaver scouts playing with a parachute.

As well as this, Beaver Scouts have opportunities to take part in other big events. Each year they can go on sleepovers or camps with their colony.

As a district, they often join together for big events so Beavers can come together and meet others like them including our Fawn Trophy scout skills day, our annual camp fire and sing-a-long and our summer picnic in the forest. We can also take part in even bigger events involving Beavers from further afield, such as across Hampshire.

We also go along to some events like the annual Swimming Gala and the Soap Box Derby like some of the other sections.

In our district, our lovely Beavers and leaders are supported by our Assistant District Commissioner – Section Support (Beavers) Emma Hanslip.

Strive and achieve!

Beaver Scouts can earn loads of different badges covering a variety of skills:

Activity Badges all offer a chance to try a different skill; from looking after animals to photography, cook to space. There is something for everyone to try and many can even be done from home. Staged Activity Badges are open to all scouts and allow them to get better at a skill over time. From musician to swimmer, first aid to sailing they are core skills to any individual. They also keep track of the number of nights and hikes away a young person has completed.

The highest award a Beaver Scout can work towards is the Chief Scout’s Bronze Award. To reach this, they earn Challenge Awards to really push them in every part of the programme. Chances are every Beaver Scout will complete several by the time they finish at 8.

We have Beaver scout colonies across the district. Find out your local group at our group finder.