Young Leader’s training

This weekend a Young Leader residential training weekend ran at 1st Lyndhurst’s HQ with 19 Young Leaders from across the County present.

Covering Modules B – K, the weekend had 7 Young Leaders from the district, all gaining valuable skills for life. The weather was horrendous but that didn’t stop the fun.

Malikai from the 1st, Michael and Alaric from the 2nd, Ellie, Thomas and Harry from the 4th and Stephen from the 5th joined us with one more, Charlotte, joining us for Module K as well.

All just now need to complete their missions to earn their Young Leader Belt buckle. Young Leaders can find out more information on the Scouts website. Leaders looking to support the scheme can ask Lynn or Kevin Harmer, the district’s Young Leaders leader.

On Sunday Lynn invested Thomas, part of the leadership team at 4th Eling Warrior (Friday) Scouts and Stephen, part of the leadership team at 5th Testwood Beaver Colony.

Sincere thanks to Julie Mair, who did so much preparation for the weekend on Friday including putting up 10 tents in that awful rain, organising and taking delivery of the shopping and still having time to make us the most amazing vegetable soup before heading off to run a county Module 38 at Ferny Crofts.

Plus thanks to Robin Mair for setting up the hall on Friday and helping to clear the tents for drying on Sunday.

Thanks to Brenda Knight, Explorer Scout Leader (Young Leaders) in our neighbouring New Forest East district for being cook and Steven Osborn for presenting with me.

Winter camp

I hear that there was an extremely wet Scout Winter camp held over the weekend at Lyons Copse. Mud everywhere from the early reports coming in! Hopefully our leaders and parents alike can get everything clean before the next adventure, whenever that may be!

Our new eNews is still a little short on stories. We know that all the groups have been having loads of great adventures and exciting evenings. However we can’t share our successes if we don’t know about them! Please contact Lynn to be included in the next eNews.

2020 Training dates

Something you may have missed from the Hampshire Scouts Update is the new training dates for 2020 have now been announced.

There are six more residential training weekends booked in throughout the year and across the county with two more popular multi-module weekends planned for March and September. The venue and dates have yet to be confirmed but if you’re interested book on now to avoid disappointment!

In Hampshire Scouts Update:

This week’s update has information on:

  • Ferny Crofts’ Fright Night later this month.
  • 2020 training dates
  • New District Commissioners and vacancies in some districts.
  • Vacancies for new members of the Hampshire communications team spreading the word.
  • Basingstoke Gang show is back next February.
  • Induction opportunities for new section leaders
  • Upcoming Module 1e courses for Executive committee members
  • Christmas at Marwell Zoo
District eNews 14.10.19
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