Role Category: Supporter
Location: District

Help our new volunteers get a good start.

Chair of the Appointments Advisory Committee

When we get a new volunteer join the Scouts family, we want them to feel welcome, prepared for their role and in possession of the facts they need to hit the ground running.

In Scouting the people who do this are the AAC, or the Appointments Advisory Committee to give it the full title.

We’re looking for a Chair of this group of amazing people.

What’s involved?

The Chair will work with the district team to make sure the rules are followed when it comes to new volunteers and that all the members of the AAC have the right training and induction for their role.

The AAC organises the Welcome to Scouting Chats for every new volunteer and the Chair of the AAC helps organise these chats, plans them with other members and sets the agenda of what they’ll cover. They don’t need to attend every chat though!

Plus they’ll keep the district’s trustees aware of what has happened, how many volunteers they’ve seen and if any issues have been spotted.

How we’ll help you

There is a lot of experience in the district and in the Scouts to help you. You’ll receive training to get you up and running and receive support from others in the district so you won’t start from nothing.


Contact Lynn Tatavossian on 07595 991824 or email [email protected].

Lead for appointments process