Role Category: Manager
Location: District

Scout Network is for all 18 to 25 year olds in Scouting. They might volunteer, be off to uni or want adventure closer to home.

The DSNC supports all of them to be their best self.

Network escape rooms

We’re looking for a District Scout Network Commissioner who can be the voice of our 18-25 year old Scout Network members and encourage them to shape and participate in the Scout Network programme of activities and awards. They manage these young people and make sure the rules are followed.

We want a range of people from different backgrounds, areas of the forest and experiences to get in touch so we can find the best person or people for this role.

Find out more in the information pack below:


We’re not into application forms or interviews – that’s for jobs and uni, not Scouts.

If you’re interested or want to hear more we want to have a chat and see how your plans fit in with what we’re looking for. The email you need is [email protected]

We can also put you in touch with the current District Scout Network Commissioner to see what they do day to day.

District Scout Network Commissioner