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Location: District

Be the friendly smile that starts their volunteer journey.

Volunteers on the Appointments Advisory Committee

When we get a new volunteer join the Scouts family, we want them to feel welcome, prepared for their role and in possession of the facts they need to hit the ground running.

In Scouting the people who do this are the AAC, or the Appointments Advisory Committee to give it the full title.

We’re looking for people to join this group from any background. The more we have the less we have to do.

What’s involved?

The panel meets with new volunteers to welcome them to Scouts and help them understand the requirements of their new role. Plus they signpost and offer guidance on who to go for if they need some help.

The meetings could be online, in person across the district and don’t happen often.

How we’ll help you

There is a lot of experience in the district and in the Scouts to help you. You’ll receive training to get you up and running and receive support from others in the district so you won’t start from nothing. You can get in touch with Sara Andrews, our District Appointments Secretary¬†who will be happy to chat about what’s involved. The email you need is¬†[email protected].


Contact Lynn Tatavossian on 07595 991824 or email [email protected].

Give our new volunteers a warm welcome