Are you sitting comfortably? These are the tales of 6th Netley Marsh Chestnut Beavers.

We have had a busy start to the term, we have a full colony of 26. We started the term at Ferny Crofts where we did aeroball and the adventure trail. We then took part in the soapbox derby which was really fun. We were due to have a family picnic at Bolderwood but we were rained off so we finished our Health and Fitness badge where we took our pulse before and after exercise, drew some fantastic pictures and made some fruit kebabs. I was so impressed with a lot of Beavers as they tried fruits they had never tried before.

We then had our first camp of the term at our Woodlands Road site where we went around the world in 2 days, we had passport which we got a sticker in for every country we visited. We went to Australia where we painted boomerangs. We visited Antarctica where we made penguins from cups, then we went to Canada where we made peg dolls, in the Ukraine we painted eggs and then went via India where we did rangoli decorations, we then visited New Zealand where we made mauri bookmarks and face masks and when we were in Italy we made pitta pizzas which we had for our dinner. We also visited France where we decorated a picture of the Eiffel Tower with straws and in the USA we made bracelets and finally back to the UK where we decorated fairy cakes to eat for our snack. We also took a walk to the park.

Trying to make the most of the better weather before the Winter we also went pond dipping at Testwood Lakes which was really fun.

Emma Hanslip
Beaver Scout Leader, 6th Netley Marsh

A month (or so) in the life of Netley Marsh Beavers
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