Anyone up for some Mud Pies ?

Josh Lowe, a very talented Scout from 6th Netley Marsh Scout Troop, made this fantastic Mud Kitchen for his little brother, William, it made it into The Sun newspaper online too.

Well done Josh! I understand you have a list  for orders. You even had a saw in your hand when I dropped your letter in!

Hampshire ‘Camp at Home’ challenge

From Mike Baxter, Hampshire Scouts’ Assistant County Commissioner Top Awards & DofE

The Hampshire Camping challenge has been adapted for camping at home. To get the camping challenge badge with #hscampathome you simply have to ‘camp’ a certain number of nights before the end of the year.  Any nights can count from January. 

We will also accept ‘camping’ indoors, maybe in a den you have built or a pop up tent. Sleeping in your bed doesn’t count! There will be a prize for the most interesting place.

This challenge is now open to Beavers (min 3 nights), Cubs (min 6 nights), Scouts (min 9 nights), Explorers, Network and Leaders (min 12 nights). Section leaders can complete with their section (I.e. do same number of nights) if they wish.

There are some ideas for extra Scouting challenges that can do done while camping to get the badge, plus some additional ideas for virtual camps. Find them here.

You can:

  • Camp in your garden
  • Sleep in a hammock or bivouac
  • Nap under a table or bed
  • Set up your tent indoors without pegs
  • Sleep in the bath tub
  • Sleep in the under stairs cupboard

You can sign up as an individual (Explorer, Network & Leaders only) or leaders can sign up a section. Please note that virtual certificates will be presented and badges will be available for purchase for approx £2 for Beavers, Cubs & Scouts via leaders. Explorer, Network and Leaders will be provided by the County team. More information and sign up or email [email protected] if you have any questions.

Virtual meeting ideas

It has been fantastic seeing you all doing virtual meetings and activities. Lynn, along with Endeavour & Discovery Cubs, Lynn is growing a sunflower, her plant on the right is now 32cm tall.

Mike Baxter has recently been collecting some ideas for virtual meetings from lots of people across the county. Some great ideas included:

  • Escape rooms (Eg South Berkshire)
  • Scavenger hunts
  • What 3 words challenges 
  • Bake off competition 
  • Paracord evening
  • Taskmaster
  • Inviting guests to run sessions
  • Best virtual background competition
  • Quizzes

Virtual resources hub

A couple of the Top Awards team have complied resources shared with us into an online organised file of ideas we will add to. Feel free to look and use any resources at the Virtual Resources Hub

Dual Maps – perfect for virtual adventures.

Dual Maps combine Google Maps, Google Street View and Birds Eye imagery into one embedded control. They can be used for What 3 Words or a virtual Monopoly run. You can see an example by going to and clicking the VIEW MAP option.

Kindness Challenge

Another activity from Mike Baxter. We are looking at issuing a challenge for people to highlight how at this time of Coronovirus they can be kind. The three strands are:

  • Kindness to yourself’ i.e. looking after yourself
  • Kindness to your family i.e. kind things you can do at home
  • Kindness to the community i.e. things you can do to help others.

Please add your thoughts to this Google Document (anonymously) or email me back your thoughts and I can add these for you! Thanks so much for all your help in advance.

Virtual Training Modules

From Julie Mair, County Trainer.

Just an update to let you know that a number of adult training modules have been scheduled to be delivered virtually in the coming weeks.

They are not yet on the Hampshire website but will be soon and should be
booked in the usual way with the closing date for each module being
10pm on the Thursday prior to the training.

Module 25 Assessing Learning – already advertised Sat 10am 23.5.2020
Module 7 Scouting For All – Sat 10am 06.06.2020
Module 12b Programme Planning – Sun 10am 21.06.2020
Module 19 International – Sat 10am 04.07.2020

Keep us updated

Please send us pictures and updates of what you are all up to, we would love to share them, it’s not just leaders that receive this eNews. Is it right that we have had a Young Leader sleeping in a bath? ???? 

Has anyone had a leader or young person going the extra mile, please let us know, we could all do with some good news stories.

That’s all for this week and a final thank you for all you’re doing to engage with our youngsters and keeping Scouting real. Special thanks to Mike Baxter for sharing so much with us and plumping up our eNews, I appreciate that dependant on your role you may get some of this info twice.

Righto, off to water that Sunflower! Best wishes & Stay Safe


District eNews 04.05.20
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