It’s a big deal for us to complete the young leader’s scheme.

There are many ways that participating in the Young Leader’s scheme is recognised within scouts and outside it. It can even boost your CV and give you qualifications. See what recognition you get below:

Within Scouts:

Young leader badge and mission stripes

The first award is for completing ‘Module A’ basic training and comprises the diamond green acorn badge. 

During your time as a Young Leader, there are four missions to complete to really test your skills and challenge you to take on greater responsibilities within the leader team. As the 4 missions are completed, this is also recognised through the four bars that go around the acorn. Discover more about the missions here.

The Young Leader belt buckle

The pinnacle of the scheme is the Young Leader belt buckle, awarded when a young leader completes all of the modules and all of the missions. It is a prestigious award and can be worn on an adult uniform once a young leader reaches 18.

A Young Leader award worn on an adult uniform by those who completed the scheme.

Once reaching the age of 18, many of our Young Leaders decide to take on the challenge of continuing to volunteer with our sections. For those that do, a service badge can be worn to recognise the completion of the Young Leader programme. 

Gain qualifications.

Taking part in the Young Leader’s scheme develops confidence, leadership, communication and teamwork skills to name but a few. It is a great example of young people working in partnership with adults to make a difference. All of these skills look great on a CV. There’s even a module on how to do just this!