Role Category: Leaders and Sectional Assistants
Location: Copythorne

Give that spark of understanding here in Copythorne.

A Cub Scout and a leader

We are looking for section leaders, assistant section leaders and sectional assistants to help at Stanley’s Own Scout group.

Copythorne and it’s wider parish is a tight knit community. We’ve been teaching young people skills for life at the heart of it since 1910. Our leader teams make the magic work and we’re looking for volunteers to do this.

You don’t need to be Bear Grylls or an expert to help – being an expert in shoe laces, fist bumps or making tea is enough to make you a great volunteer. Plus, volunteering is good for you – it gives you skills and helps beat feelings of loneliness.

At Stanley’s Own, we need volunteers in particular in the following sections:

  • Bartley Water Beavers – Monday evenings, 6-8 year olds.
  • Cadnam River Beavers – Thursday evenings, 6-8 year olds.
  • Zulu Cubs – Thursday evenings, 8-10.5 year olds.
  • Everett Scouts – Monday evenings, 10.5-14 year olds.

Training and support

You’ll receive full training from the Scouts in what we need to do and the rules. The amount of training depends on the role but it is flexible and helps you in your role.

Plus there is a whole host of experience from within the group and district to help you make a difference. You will be supported to get started by our Training Advisors based in the district and Stanley’s Own’s Group Scout Leader.

Time commitment

We’re looking for team players so whatever time you have is useful to us! From an hour a week to an hour a month, it is all makes the difference to our young people.

If you’re not sure if volunteering is for you we suggest trying it for four weeks – by the end, you’ll know what is involved and if it’s for you.

Find out more and volunteer

To find out more and to volunteer for this role, simply email our volunteer manager Joy for a no obligations chat. The email you need is [email protected].

You can also see some example role descriptions on the Scout website but be aware – these are general descriptions and what each person does in the team varies a lot and many people share the responsibilities of a single role.

Sectional Volunteers