Young leader badge and mission stripes

This report is part of a series from members across the district for the Annual General Meeting to be held online on 8th July 2020.

Another successful year for Young Leaders in New Forest North, we currently have 32 Young Leaders actively participating in their section leadership teams, helping to support and deliver quality programmes across all Groups in the District.

Young Leader Buckle

The Young Leader belt buckle

During the last 12 months, Harry Cotton, who was a Young Leader at 5th Testwood Scouts was awarded his Young Leader Buckle. Also earning their Young Leader Buckle was Alaric Littleton-Gray, a Young Leader at 2nd Copythorne Beavers.

A huge well done to both for completing all elements of the Young Leader scheme and earning your Young Leader Buckle.

Adult Leadership

We continue to have success in recruiting Young Leaders into adult leadership when they reach 18. I know some move away to university, but if they do so with ‘Getting Started’ of the adult scheme completed first, we have not lost them to Scouting and they can join local groups and hopefully return to us at some point in the future.

A Young Leader award worn on an adult uniform by those who completed the scheme.

During the last 12 months, a further 2 Young Leaders completed their adults ‘Getting Started’ training in New Forest North. These are Harry Cotton, Assistant Scout Leader at the 5th Testwood Scouts and Bradley Carter, Assistant Explorer Scout Leader at 4th Eling. Once invested, they were awarded their Young Leader Service Award badges to wear on their adult uniforms. This is worn in recognition of completing the Young Leader scheme. I am sure the District will join me in thanking you for your continued commitment to Scouting in New Forest North.

Other News

In January 2020, 4 New Forest North Young Leaders attended the annual Young Leader Rally and Training Weekend at Hook.

Regular Module A courses were run throughout the year at the HQ of the 5th and these were opened up to County Young Leaders. Since the Covid-19 loss of face-to-face Scouting, Module A has been successfully run in the County using Zoom with Mike Baxter, ACC Top Awards, and Steven Osborn, our Assistant Explorer Scout Leader (Young Leader), facilitating this.

The Young Leader residential training weekends are well supported by New Forest North Young Leaders. In October 7 of our Young Leaders attended the Lyndhurst hosted training weekend and completed 10 modules.

Thank you to all our Young leaders for what you are giving back to Scouting. Due to me joining the new District Commissioner Team in September 2019, I had to make the decision to step down as Explorer Leader for the Young Leaders. My thanks go to Kevin Harmer who has taken over the role since October 2019.

Lynn Tatavossian
District Commissioner (Team DC) and former Explorer Scout Leader (Young Leaders)

AGM 2019-20: Young Leader report.
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