Scout Network is not just about having fun; it’s also about preparing you for the big wide world and arming you with skills ready for it. To that end, there are different awards you can try out.

Queen's Scout Award
Reach the Top – King’s Scout and Chief Scout Awards

The top awards in Network are the Chief Scout’s Platinum award, the Chief Scout’s Diamond award and finally the biggest: the Queen’s Scout Award.

To achieve these awards you must complete activities similar to the Duke of Edinburgh’s award: learn or develop a skill, undertake some physical activity, volunteer somewhere, carry out an expedition and (for the QSA) undertake a residential. You also have to spend some nights away and complete some International, Environmental and Values tasks.

These awards are a big achievement and require dedication for an enormous reward. Find out more about the Queens and Chief Scout Awards here.

Duke of Edinburgh's Award
Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (or DofE for short) can be achieved by completing four or five challenges, depending on the level. Achieving the DofE can be used as part of the Queen’s Scout Award and Chief Scout’s Awards so many work towards them. You can find more information about the award on their website (

Scouts of the World award
Scouts of the World Award

The Scouts of the World award is an international award that is available in over 50 countries.

It aims to develop and support society or a local or global scale and can help with skills such as project management and planning an international trip.

To find out more, see

Explorer Belt

The Explorer Belt is your chance to take part in a 10 day expedition that allows you to see another country through fresh eyes. You travel through another country, learning about its culture and a way of life while completing projects.

To see the full requirements, check out the page here.


Network is also an opportunity for you to learn some new skills and qualifications through working towards permits. Permits equip you with all the skills needed to run an adventurous activity in Scouting. More information is available here.