It’s not just the camping that keeps today’s young people occupied.

Yes every good camp or day out in the forest should have a good activity to go with it. That’s why we have a few ready on site to get you started.

Fire lighting and cooking

Harry’s Island has lots to help you with any fire lighting or cooking activities. First up is our main campfire circle, perfect for large camp fires and gathering to sing songs and enjoy the glow of the embers together. In addition, we also have a number of smaller fire sites throughout the site for perfecting your own fire lighting and survival skills – perfect for patrol cooking.

We also have our very popular fixed camp oven, very simple to use and great for creating some of those tasty camp treats while still keeping that outdoors essence.

Pioneering and bivouacking

A classic of Scouting, pioneering is a test of construction, creativity and teamwork skills. Through the power of knots, friction and gravity alone you can build mighty structures using wooden poles and tied together with rope.

We provide the poles so all we ask is you provide the rope needed for your structure. Similarly, we also have an area for survival camping which you are welcome to use providing you have the tarps or hammocks to make it comfortable.

Some links below may be helpful for you:

Getting out and about in the forest

We are well positioned to explore the New Forest and the stunning plains on our doorstep. Whether you’re cycling and want to store your bikes on site or setting out on foot, we have you covered.

We have a Harry’s Island Trail (a combination of letter boxing and orienteering) which is perfect for you to try. Plus it is only a quick trip into Burley with all the delights and curiosities it has to offer. Did someone say witches?

  • The National Park authority has some guidance and maps about the cycling routes in the New Forest.
  • Forestry England have some guidance to help when walking in the New Forest.