In June, 3rd Ringwood Scouts went to Headlands Activity Centre for a weekend of excitement. Headlands camp weekend is for all 3rd Ringwood and where you can try different activities like archery and problem solving.

On Friday, Scouts and Cubs put up tents, then after putting our stuff in the tents we played games until we got called for dinner. After dinner, we played card games whilst it chucked it down, we were sent to bed where we played games till 12 O’ clock.

In the morning, the Beavers and Explorers arrived. We then all got divided into groups, with people from each section, and did some activities. We enjoyed Trade Post which is where we had “100 Beaver Bucs” and we had to get as many points as possible. After that we did archery, pioneering, problem solving, boiling an egg on the fire, rifle shooting, kayaking and crafts. During this, we had lots of cake breaks and lunch to keep us going as we were exhausted because having fun is hard work! We then we had diner and afterwards we had a massive bonfire and lots of songs. Before the Beavers and Cubs went to bed, the District Commissioner awarded the Beaver leader Tobermory with his Wood badge and Beaver/Explorer leader Orinoco and Scout leader Welly with their 15 year badges. Well done for supporting us for so long! After the Beavers and Cubs had gone to bed, Scouts stayed and chatted by the fire as the Explorers went on a walk.

In the morning, it was surprisingly quiet! After breakfast, Beavers got ready to go while the Cubs did some activities and Scouts made a bridge out of pioneering poles, rope and a net. We had lunch then finally, we had a go on the bridge. It was very funny watching people falling over as they tried to stay upright. After we all had a go, we reluctantly packed up to go home.

Thank you to all the parents and leaders who helped make this camp so exiting we had a fantastic time.

Astrid, 3rd Ringwood Scouts

3rd Ringwood bond at Headlands
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