The best Scouts have always been Youth shaped, allowing our young people the chance to make a difference and change what they do. Since 2014, it’s been a key aim of the Scouts to do this better and in a more visible way.

Now, they have launched the YouShape award to recognise when this is done well. It’s like many other badges, but quite different too. Learn the basics below!

A badge in four parts:

The award isn’t one single badge. Just like the Young Leader awards, the YouShape award has a core central badge and three that go around the edge when our Scouts complete some further challenges.

The central badge is earned when the Young Person sets a goal for something they want to change and then makes it happen. This can be very broad: you may already be doing this in your section by encouraging the young people to complete a badge themselves (after all they have chosen to do something and then do it) or by taking an active part in a forum that leads to change.

Plan: It’s all about coming up with ideas for activities that the section will love. From great games in Beavers to a series of activities that earn a badge for Scouts or even helping make a camp happen.

Lead: Take the lead and help make something happen. Take charge of a game, session and welcome new people in. Depending on the section, there are lots of options for this challenge.

Represent: Speak up for Scouts, talk to others and complete projects in your community.

The badges are different in the young people have a key role in deciding what they want to do to complete it and have a role in deciding what it is complete.

Where can I get it and where does it go?

Like any other badge, you should buy it through the badge secretaries, plus it is at Scouts Store.

As for placement, it goes on the right arm, below the badges that tell others where they do their Scouting.

Find out more:

The hub for all your needs, and links to the badge criteria itself, is at the Scout website. Why not invite a Youth Commissioner along?

Need activity ideas? Try some of these YouShape activities from Hampshire Scouts.

The YouShape award: why it’s different and what impact will it have?
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